This is the swing data you should focus on, according to an expert coach

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Your clubface angle to swing path relationship is critical.

Jack Dempsey

Welcome to the final installment of our three-part series on how to get the most out of golf lessons. In Part 1, we explained how to book lessons and find a teacher with whom you connect. In Part 2, we highlighted the importance of consistent training and practice. Here, with the help of’s instruction partner, GOLFTEC, we break down which launch-monitor data matters most.


Launch monitor technology has transformed golf instruction. The best part? An analytical X-ray of your swing. The worst part? The numbers aren’t always pretty, or easy to process. That’s where you need an expert who can cut through the tsunami of statistics to figure out which to focus on improving and in what order.

2 important golf-swing metrics that are about to become easier to measure


Luke Kerr-Dineen

“If I present the information I have all at once to the student, that will create problems,” said Kevin Tanner, a PGA Master Professional and GOLFTEC regional manager in Bethesda, Md. “My job, and the job of any instructor, is to decipher that info, determine priorities and then present it to the student.”

Keep in mind that few pieces of information will make or break your game. While generating 120 mph of clubhead speed might sound impressive, it’s not all that useful if you can’t break 100 or your ball is 25 yards offline.

So, which numbers matter the most?

Clubface angle to swing path relationship

No offense to Mr. DeChambeau, but set aside clubhead speed right off the bat.

“For some reason everyone’s concerned with that during lessons,” Tanner said. “Ninety percent of my students will ask about why their clubhead seems really low. But it’s a very small portion of the equation.”

Focus instead on the clubface angle to swing path relationship. Think of the clubface as the king and the path as the queen, Tanner said.

“If the face is aimed in the wrong direction — say, 25 degrees to the left — the ball will go left. That would need to be fixed. But without the support of the queen, the king…

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