Kevin Alcantara, Alexander Vizcaino, and Bailey Horn

As I don’t have to tell you, two guys that received MVP votes in a Cubs uniform were traded on Thursday, netting a total of three prospects. I don’t mean to be pithy about Anthony Rizzo; it literally took me hours of processing before I could watch the prospect tape necessary to write this post. And a shout out to Ryan Tepera, too, who is the personification of what gives me hope about how the Cubs Hottovy-Breslow pitching infrastructure team can help this rebuild stay short.

Onto the new prospects!

Kevin Alcantara

Description: Note up front – this section is going to be smaller, as Alcantara is yet to play a streamed game, so I’m reliant on YouTube videos here. Alcantara, who just turned 19, has only played complex ball during his career, including just eight games this year. He’s listed at 6-foot-6 and 188 pounds, with as small a waist as you’ll ever find for someone with the raw power projections he carries, and muscle development projection at literally every part of his body.

Skills you’re excited about: There’s a fluidity that Alcantara possesses that could have pushed him to basketball had he been born in the United States. Cubs Director of Hitting Justin Stone likes to talk about movement profiles, and I would imagine that Alcantara will be the loosest mover at his size that Stone has ever coached. If he can maintain any of that once he’s added 40 pounds of muscle, that’s an All-Star ceiling.

Development that needs to happen: The Yankees have been working on quieting this swing, which in 2019 featured one of the highest leg kicks I’ve ever seen and a whole lot of length. The 2021 version still features those things, but they’ve been tempered just a little bit. When Alcantara gets stronger, he won’t need to work so hard to load up his swing (see the changes the Cubs have worked with Jordan Nwogu on) to hit the ball as hard as he’s clearly trying to.

Trying to contextualize him in the system: I can’t wait to talk to people in Mesa at the end of the year and have them compare Alcantara with Owen Caissie, Reggie Preciado, and Ismael Mena. I imagine everyone is going to have their favorites; mine is Caissie, who I can tell you would now be a top 2-4 prospect in the system for me based on recent conversations I’ve had. Preciado’s probably also further down the development curve and should end up at a more valuable position. So my instinct is that I’d have Alcantara after them, but before Mena (or even someone like Yohendrick Pinango), which means around 9 or 10?

Alexander Vizcaino

Description: I’ll tell you what I couldn’t believe when I first read reports on Vizcaino: wait he’s 24, on the 40-man roster, and has 31.1 career innings above Low-A?! He also had a shoulder impingement this season, according to Baseball America, which has kept him to sub-30 pitch outings so far. Vizcaino is listed at 6-2, 160, but looks bigger due…

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