Duke men’s basketball alum Andre Dawkins talks playing days, Scheyer, Coach K

The Chronicle sat down with former Duke men’s basketball player and 2010 national champion Andre Dawkins to ask him some questions about his playing career, incoming head coach Jon Scheyer and head coach Mike Krzyzewski. Dawkins played at Duke from 2009-14 and had a brief professional career before transitioning to media. 

He is now host of Dawkins on Duke, one of the college basketball podcasts in Jeff Goodman and Rob Dauster’s Field of 68 Media Network

The interview has been edited for length and clarity.

The Chronicle: What did you like most as a player about playing in Cameron Indoor Stadium?

Andre Dawkins: Probably just like that they were always with you, it didn’t matter what the score was. Whether we were winning or losing or it was a close game, or we’re getting killed—the energy was always there. Fans weren’t leaving early and giving up on us. So probably just always supporting no matter what.

TC: What was going through your head against Michigan State in 2011 when you scored 26 points in the game that gave Coach K his 903rd win to pass Bobby Knight?

AD: That game was a lot of fun. Obviously, winning is always great, playing well is good. But it was a lot of pressure on us. I remember before we went up there, after our last meeting or film session before we were getting ready to leave [Steve Wojciechowski] let coach leave the room and he basically told us not to mess it up. So it was a little bit of pressure. Obviously, there’s tons of people up there, it’s ESPN and it’s at MSG. But it was a lot of fun and I’m glad I was able to be a part of that game.

TC: Did you ever see yourself going into media while you were a player?

AD: No, not really, honestly. The podcast, it kind of just came out of nowhere. Jeff Goodman, who runs the whole Field of 68 network—check out the podcast anybody listening, Dawkins on Duke, shameless plug—but yeah, he just called and was like, ‘Hey, you want to do a podcast about Duke?’ And I was like, ‘I guess. Sure.’ So it kind of came out of nowhere. And that’s actually a shout out to Jon [Scheyer]. Jeff reached out to Jon. And Jon gave him my name. So that’s kind of how that came about. Jon put me on that and it’s been a lot of fun.

TC: Do you see yourself going into coaching in the future at any level?

AD: I’m actually going to be working with a local high school team this upcoming season, I’m going to be assisting with kind of like a friend of a friend. We go way back to AAU days. So it should be fun looking forward to that. And who knows after that, obviously, there’s a regime change coming at Duke and I love Durham. I’d love to come back, but I’m not gonna bombard Jon as he’s trying to make the transition to become the head coach at Duke. If the opportunity ever came I…

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